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o air mourning the death of a third shooting victim in just three months. good afternoon good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. gun violence has hit his high- school hard the school year. three consecutive shootings and three consecutive months. we have december, january and now february. the latest victim 18 year-old frances kohn. she is an honor student and was set to graduate in june. that was cut
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short on friday. now her family instead of making plans for her graduation is now making plans to bury her. >> should not have an anchor in my heart rainout but i do. the mother of the 18 year-old finding no room in her heart for forgiveness. >> instead of me taking the money that i saved for graduation now have to bury her with that. >> she was one of eight children. she was the second youngest. sheher mother said she was this week nice girl. she was shot as she walked out of the store in the 1100 block. two men had apparently been arguing when one pulled out a gun. the other took off running.
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>> you should have walked up to them and shot them. not just shoot anywhere because that was my sister. she was going somewhere on like you. you're going nowhere but to jail. >> her younger sister ofand father were driving by and saw all of the police activity but had no idea that it was francis that had been shot. >> there was a white sheet over the body. i said yeah there is a lot of shooting going on. she was like yes we are lucky we are not out here. >> today at the high-school friends tried to cope with the news that yet another one of their classmates has been killed. the third the school year. to know that she is not going to be around anymore it hurts. her father has this message for her daughter's killer.
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>> this gun violence, you guys have to work out. they're too many guns out here. for instance the shooting came just hours after president obama had come to chicago to talk about gun violence. in this case no arrests have been made. grief counselors have been brought in to help the students and staff at the house willschool. police are questioning two people in the fatal shooting of a teenager in north chicago. janay mc-farlane, of chicago was walking with her friends on jackson avenue, when she was hit by a bullet police say was meant for someone else. witnesses led police to two people, a 20-year-old man and an 18-year-old. they're being held, but no charges have been filed yet. >> she talked about life and
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death all of the time. she would see the parents on television crying over the kids. >>the shooting happened just hours after janay's younger sister attended president obama's gun-control speech. friday's shooting was the first in north chicago since october. >> a chicago man is accused of luring a 12-year-old boy into a sexual relationship. prosecutors say 31-year-old ryan ruiz joined an on-line chat room, pretended to be a young boy, and convinced the 12- year-old from glenview to meet him at richard johns park last may. once there, police say ruiz sexually assaulted the 12 year old. the boy told his mother, and she called the police. the boy picked ruiz out of a police lineup. ruiz is being held on 250 thousand dollars bond. a skokie woman is being held on 100-thousand dollars bond after allegedly biting off her boyfriend's tongue -- on valentine's day.
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police say the boyfriend of 51- year-old elaine cook tried to kiss and make-up with her following an argument thursday night. she allegedly bit off a large part of his tongue. the boyfriend then put it in a bag of ice, and called 9-1-1. doctors at evanston hopsital were not able to re-attach it. cook is charged with felony aggravated domestic battery. police are looking for a man who robbed a subway restaurant next to the chicago cultural center. it happened around 1 this morning on 66-east washington street. police say a man wearing a dark hoodie walked into the subway. pulled out a gun, and demanded money. he got away with about 400- dollars. no one was injured. lucerne just kidding whether this is linked to a string of robberies. loyola university is considering arming its campus police and security officers with tasers. loyola has 48 officers who patrol in and around its lake shore and water tower campuses. website d-n-a-info reports under the current proposal at least one on-duty officer on each campus would carry a stun gun. officers at loyola's medical campus in maywood already carry tasers.
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just eight days to go until the special primary. one candidate is dropping out of the race. at least one kenneth it is still in the second district congressional race as it sounds like a back room deal. says it sounds like a backroom deal. >> she seems to be having trouble hearing us. patrick brutus has also announced that he is dropping out of the second district congressional race. be sure to tune in to c-l-t-v tonight for a one-hour decision 20-13 special 2nd congressional disrict edition. wgn political analyst paul lisnek interviews 20 of the candidates youll see on the primary ballot. thats tonight at on c-l-t-v and streaming on wgn tv dot com. today is president's day and it's a day off for a lot of people who work in public service. federal, state, and county courts are all closed today.
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except for cook county bond court. city, county, state and federal offices are also closed and there's no mail delivery. schools vary by district. the chicago public schools are open today. ming up next the investigation into the death of a country music singer. we will tell you what happened after a man allegedly slapped a toddler during a flight. more information on how you could save money at the gas pump. [ rosa
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country music star mindy mccready is dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. her body was found on the front porch of her home in arkansas yesterday. police were called after someone heard gunshots. the troubled singer was better known for her recent personal troubles than for her string of late-'90s hits. her boyfriend also committed suicide last month and she has long struggled with addiction and mental illness. mccready leaves behind two young boys. one of them just ten months old. we're learning new details about the night an olympic runner shot and killed his girlfriend. reeva steenkamp was shot four times through the bathroom door at the home of olmpian oscar pistorius (pih-store'-ee-us) in south africa, last week. an official tells c-n-n she was alive after she was shot and was carried downstairs by pistorius.
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a local newspaper reports a blood-stained cricket bat also was found the athlete later told police he thought she was an intruder. prosecutors say they will upgrade charges to premeditated murder. a new report reveals disturbing details about the background of the gunman in the connecticut school shootings. "the hartford courant" reports linda lanza struggled to raise her son, adam. who was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome. he also had difficulty coping with loud noises, bright lights, confusion and change. school officials say she suddenly took adam out of high school during his sophomore year and allowed him to attend college. he later dropped out.spending hours alone playing violent video games. that's also when nancy exposed adam to guns. bonding with both of her sons during target shooting.
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charged with assault for hitting the 19 month old on a flight from indianapolis to land up. . tell the child mother to shut the boycott and used a racial slur twice and then slapped the ball hard enough to make complete. the baby's mother said she knew she had to address the racial difference between her and her son at some point. never imagining it would be before he turned to years old. >> had such a young age they are really having a hard time getting their arms around. >> i cannot believe he would say something like that to a baby. and then to hit him. i felt like i was in another world. >> attorney says he will plead not guilty. senator john mccain says he expects the senate will soon confirm former senator chuck hagel as the nation's next defense secretary. hagel's confirmation was temporarily blocked last week by senate republicans including
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mccain. but this weekend, mccain said he expected hagel's nomination would be approved when lawmakers return from this week's recess. hagel and mccain both republicans were once close friends, but drifted apart on policy issues. including the iraq troop surge. white house is doing some damage control after a draft of an immigration plan that leaked over the weekend. the president said he would come up with his own legislation if negotiations in the senate stalled. plans include having illegal immigrants wait eight years before becoming a permanent resident. having employers checking the status of new hires. they have been working on a compromise immigration bill. at least one republican from that group says the president's bill will fail in congress. we found a very special video that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.. it's starring a very special pig and he's sure to steal your heart. this is chris p. bacon.
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he's a month old. chris was born without the use of his back legs. so his owners found a way around that. chris walked around with a tiny wheelchair to improve his mobility. it was made for him by a u-s war vet. and chris is one popular big. he's got fans all over the world, ever since the video was posted on the web and went viral. love the video not so much the name. >> still to come this midday: as gas prices continue to soar we're getting a live report on how you can save money at the pump. and later in lunchbreak: we're making gnudi. it's a type of gnocchi made from ricotta cheese and a little bit of flour.
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gas prices have hit historic highs for the month of february. a gallon of regular unleaded will cost you an average of three-dollars and 71-cents
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nationwide. wgn's robert jordan is live with ways to save on gas. >> they're certainly not around here. the gasoline prices have been yell yelling again. up and down. this time they are up again. it is pretty painful for motorists at the pump. many are turning to this energy programs that are existing. they're very popular in the chicago area. there between jewel and shell. now that gasoline prices are over $4 per gallon in most locations the high cost of digging deeply into the pockets of motorists. >> is a hard for you? >> of course. i do not make a
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lot of money. >> creative drivers are turning to reward programs. when you shop at one location and buy gas at a participating filling station. the wonderful program. customers say 5¢ on every $50 worth of qualifying purchases. to miss a lot of money on gas. it is a great program. if >> customers receive 5¢ off per gallon for every $50 spent in qualifying purchases. they can do that for up to 20 gal. of fuel. he also has a program where you receive 10¢ off per 100 points. at participating mobile filling stations. >> and in the program for a few months and enjoys the savings.
12:19 pm
for a car that takes 20 gal. saving $5 for all of the grocery shopping we do as a family for a couple of weeks. it makes you feel a little bit better. >> and it sure does. it does not take much to spend 50-$100. that means 5-$10 and rewards. before long those premiums can add up to some significant savings. still to come this midday. a new study about i-v-f treatments and whether or not patients are at a higher risk for cancer. and coming up next, raising a glass to a wine expert. who uses his talent to help others in need. he's one of chicago's very own.
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[ female announcer ] switch to swiffer sweeper, and you'll dump your old broom. but don't worry he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ ♪ who's that lady? ♪
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♪ sexy lady ♪ ♪ who's that lady? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer sweeper's electrostatic dry cloths attract and lock dirt, dust, and hair on contact to clean 50% more than a broom. it's a difference you can feel. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. and now swiffer wet and dry refills are available with the fresh scent of gain. while some of us just taste the food we eat, brian duncan savors every single bite. when it comes to wine, he can pick out each distinct note. as wgn's micah materre reports he's using his expertise to give back to the community and is one of chicago's very own. things like black cherries. >> for him tasting a new wine is like a five year-old getting his first sugar rush. >> that thing that made you sort
12:23 pm
of hyperventilating over the first time use of cotton candy. use of cotton candy. he finds himself in a small pool of african american elders in the food and wine industry. >> for some is a little surprising to learn that he is the co-founder and co boehner and one director of chicago's b in 36. >> am surprised that they're surprised. that is their problem not mine. >> he has a profound and extensive knowledge of why. >> i have been able to educate people sometimes without them even knowing it. i just poured an italian wine. >> he says it comes from his mother and father. i was raised in a family where you could do or be anything that you wanted. i never had a life that felt
12:24 pm
like it had restrictions. >> it was also mom and dad who taught him how to appreciate the finer things in life. there was the way he would shop for our weekly groceries. we go to four- six different places. he would very carefully select everything. i was fascinated by everything that my father did. we just ate the sweet rolls. >> he lost his mother to breast cancer almost 30 years ago. he found a and wine in the napa valley that he thought would be a perfect honor to her. >> i can celebrate her life. and i think about my mother, she is gone and it makes me sad but she is a woman to celebrate. it
12:25 pm
gives me an opportunity every time i am able to donate the wine to a breast cancer auction. last year he initiated real men drink pink. the campaign that funded the national organization for the early detection and prevention of breast and ovarian cancer. >> he is definitely a person i giveback. his parents for the same way. when you talk about a village raising your child that was our block. >> he runs a tight ship. you can tell when you are in restaurants that don't. i do not want the one taking a leading role against the dish. he demands everything. he demands your full attention. he demands that you educate yourself. the demand to investigate other ways things can be done. he does not settle. it admiration goes beyond that of a colleague. he has become a mentor to her daughter. she was about to go down the wrong path.
12:26 pm
>> he gave me a little push. he helped me finish school. now an employee she says the duncan inspired her to believe in herself and realize that she too can succeed. >> if there is something that you love and want to do, you can do it. all of the do is set your mind to it. being civil to one another is one of the most important thing is that we can possibly do. >> he is one of chicago's very own. brian also serves on the board of trustees at 'hope institute learning acadamy', an elementary school on the city's near west side for children with autism and developmental disabilities. to learn more about brian and bin 36, log on to wgn tv dot com. maybe another round of snow coming our way. ♪ ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax
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to a story we told you about. just eight days to go before the primary to replace jesse jackson jr.. at least one candidate is dropping out. at least one candidate still in the second district congressional race says it sounds like a back room deal. >> is considered a leading candidate. her decision to drop out and endorse another top candidate has the others asking was hutchinson bullied out of the race? was there a back room deal? a super pack that is poured millions of dollars into the race. it would be a violation. she announced that she was leaving the race to replace jesse jackson jr. in a written statement. i'm simply on willing to risk playing a role
12:30 pm
going forward that could result in dividing our community at a time when we need unity more than ever. even though robin kelly is a former aide. hutchinson became the target of attack advertisements paid for by the new york city mayor. the support she received in the past by the nra. to to keep by hiring her mother. making the accusation, they offer a report as evidence published in capital fax buy the sun-times columnist. she has been running around for six weeks telling donors the key to her win strategy was bloomberg attacking hutchinson. >> all of this truly raises eyebrows. if the report is true of the campaign must be held accountable for their part in
12:31 pm
violation of the rule. >> i think he is endorsing what i stand for. he does not know me. i have not had any contact. i've been doing the same thing since day one. i did not have him endorsing me since day one. the must agree with my message. i do not know because i do not know him. >> we have not heard back. another candidate claims he is being bullied out of the race. he believes that is what happened to hutchinson. there are 15 candidates remaining. there having a debate this afternoon. >>patrick brutus has also announced that he is dropping out of that district race. tune in tonight for a special. our political analyst interviews at the second district candidates.
12:32 pm
we will also stream that live on our web site. >> get warmed up a little bit from yesterday. it is about 30 degrees warmer than it was today around here. it feels like spring out there. getting ever closer to the start of neurological spring. an active weather week ahead. one store producing the warm-up that is going on right now. we have been doing it with a fair amount of sunshine. the fact of the matter is we've had some sunshine around the area. the wind will turn with equal vigor around to the northwest tonight. bringing arctic air back in. we have a second system. weakening as it comes to the chicago area. i could have a situation where more than a foot of snow falls and blizzard conditions. we get just a couple of inches. it may
12:33 pm
be the biggest snow to fall across the area so far in this lackluster snow season. there is the sunshine and here come the clowns. word that we are just 10 days away from your logical spring. also interestingly 38 days if this is even close to normal. amazing historic regularity. there are signs that we're getting warmer and of course today after a 20 at ohare. we are at 50 now. 22 is the high at midway yesterday. 50 at the lakefront. 27 degree increase. what a difference a day makes in the month of february. here is the first one.
12:34 pm
now it is ready to go into gulf moisture the next couple of days. there will be some real excitement out in the plains states. for now the first batch of rain have shown developing out to the west of us. it is coming in our direction. here is our model forecast. rains to the evening rush-hour were up to 8:00 on this graphic. you concede their brains out to the west. this is arctic air coming back in. strong winds falling temperatures up to the west. here's the set up at 3:00. most of the snow off to the north and east of us by that time. 57 in st. louis. you have the pre requisites for storm development. the venture 28 degrees higher than 24 hours ago
12:35 pm
here. cold air in the warm air as the storm develops. it is only the first of two coming in this week. the wind is gusting over 40 mi. per hour. they are hauling in our area. it takes it went like this to propel such warmth into the area. south southwest winds sustained at 22 at ohare. 59 percent humidity. each ball: the jack relates to a storm. here's the next one that comes out to the west of us. this will be the bigger of the two systems to come into the central united states. these are windchill to cross the metro area. it is nice and warm. lots
12:36 pm
of wind advisories. gale warnings on the like. when it tries to resolve in the plains states. winter storm watch is on the western mountains stopsmountaniin tops. watch what happens. here's our for system. it clears the area. cold during the day on wednesday with the wind blowing out of the gulf. here is the second storm. heavier snow expected out there.
12:37 pm
we have some snow numbers right here. this reaches into the first part of that storm system. look at the numbers in kansas and out there in nebraska. almost a foot down and it is still snowing. that is the stuff that is heading in our direction. you can see the wind chills going down subzero by morning. temperatures in the twenties as we went into the weekend. this next system is expected to pull the cold air down later tonight and tomorrow. here's the midweek storm system. the colors represent the wind. you'll see the red star showing up. high pressure to the north. there is a blocking pattern appear and to which the storm is moving. later today having
12:38 pm
pummeled areas of the plan states where it snows. it will shut down traffic movement. our forecast this afternoon clouts thicken and lower. the wind picks up. we exceeded the 46. in southwest wind 30-45. tonight reigned briefly changing to light snow. temperatures down to 20 if not the teens in the suburbs. mostly cloudy. sunshine and cold on wednesday. we've had less than half of our normal seasonal snow. it has been a lackluster year for the snow enthusiast. >> my snow tires are going to
12:39 pm
waste. >> we will see you later.
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>> gun afternoon. good afternoon.
12:42 pm
>> let's get started with the first game. >>winning pick3 5,77 >>time for the pick4 games. take a moment to be thankful of the contributions by each of the president. >>winning pick4 7,5,21
12:43 pm
>>megamillions 26 million dollars. in sports the long-time owner of the los angeles lakers has passed away. jerry buss was a self-made millionaire who made his fortune in real estate. he and his partners bought the lakers in 1979. under his ownership, the lakers won ten n-b-a championships with marquee players like kareen abdul-jabbar, magic johnson kobe bryant and shaquille o'neal. jerry buss died today.. he was 80. the blackhawks have started the season by going 15 games without a loss in regulation. now they're just a game away
12:44 pm
from the record. the hawks hosted the stanley cup champion kings last night. the hawks already up two- nothing in the second when patrick sharp scores off the rebound to snap a ten- game goal- drought. the kings pulled with in a goal in the third... justin williams takes out ray emery and johnny oduya draws a penalty for retaliating. the hawks played four- on- six in the final minute, but hold on to win three-two. they'll try to tie the record with their 16-th game win against vancouver tomorrow. matt garza suffered a slight setback at cubs camp. he ended his pitching session after just twenty pitches yesterday. dale sveum says it's a mild lat strain and he'll get evaluated today. the injury is not related to garza's surgically repaired elbow. tom ricketts also spoke to the media in arizona. he says the cubs are not planning on adding any more night games or signage at wrigley field this season. that is a look at sports. [ female
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announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong all day long sinus and headache relief. [ washer and dryer sounds ] for the things you can't wash, freshen them with febreze. febreze eliminates odors and leaves a light fresh scent. febreze, breathe happy.
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in medical watch. the food and drug administration is warning the public about fake dietary supplements that have been promoted over the internet as treatments for flu. the f-d-a's national health fraud coordinator says unapproved antiviral products could be contaminated or counterfeit.. or could contain the wrong medications. he says the agency has tested products purported to be "tamiflu" and found acetaminophen alone, or penicillin derivatives.
12:48 pm
since last month, the agency has sent out ten warning letters to companies that sell these drugs online. in vitro fertifilization does not increase a woman's risk of breast and certain other cancers. researchers examined medical records on more than 67 thousand israeli women who had i-v-f treatments and nearly 20 thousand others who sought treatment, but never received i- v-f. there was no difference in women's chances of being diagnosed with breast or endometrial cancer based on whether they were treated with i-v-f. the researchers did find a woman's risk of ovarian cancer slightly increased, the more rounds of treatment she received. but they say the study was too small to conclusively link i-v- f and ovarian cancerlunchbreak is next. we're making gnudi. it's a type of gnocchi made from ricotta cheese and flour. the folks from pastoral are here! [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin
12:49 pm
designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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12:51 pm
we are making gnudi. the exec utive chef at bar pastoral. we are replacing the potato with cheese. >>it tastes like a cloud. a more milky taste. >>this may be my new favorite. how do we get started? >>take the richotta andotta and pop
12:52 pm
it into a bowl. >>maybe some lemon zest. if you like it, that's cool. then some nutmeg. you kind of just mix it up. that is it. >>you can take like a teaspoon. then pop it in. that is what binds it together. i recommend you do this the day before. you want that firmness otherwise they will fall apart in the water. take your gnudi and turn them a little. pop it into
12:53 pm
simmering water. you do not want it to boil. you let it boil for maybe 1-2 minutes. i want to geo back to something you said before. >> a couple hours before you want to cook. make sure each side is coated evenly. >>will they float when they are finished? >>not the way i do it. time it for maybe a minute. >>or taste it. >>you want to put it into the sauce. it is mushroom stock mushroom and butter. you can add any type of stock you want.
12:54 pm
sometimes you will not get it on the first try. just add some pasta water and it will bring it back together. >>if it starts to thicken use some of the gnudi water. you wil getl get this nice sauce going on. >>what herbas are you adding? >>chives and parsley. >>pop it into your bowl. for the cheese i am using goat milk cheese. a lot of people think
12:55 pm
parmesan. >>this dish is already pretty rich. >>it is an aged goat cheese. i think it brings out this unusual aspect of a pasta dish. >>if you were going to have the spinach that would be the way to do it. >>thank you so much. >>2947 n. broadway. >>we can link you right there
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
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depot shovels handy.keep those symbols handy. >> because traveling west of be more worried about that later in the week. the rain clouds are gathering. we even had some rain returned to western illinois. not all of that making it to the ground. it will as the afternoon goes on. the big story is the warmer air. you're actually in the '50s. watch how temperatures drop tonight. how we will be going down to the '20s tomorrow. by morning it could be down below zero. arctic air comes. some wild swings in the weather this time of the year. that certainly is the case here. then a storm later in the week blows up and is a big deal for the folks out in kansas and nebraska. as it goes eastward
12:59 pm
into that high pressure it will lose some of its punch. ears and estimate of how much snow may come down. here's an estimate of how much snow will fall. we've had 10 and snow in the northern suburbs. not here in the city. that is one models take. here's another one. from this point forward all of the big snows have occurred. they tend to occur less frequently than the little ones. we will be out in the 30's thursday and friday. into the 30's over the coming weekend. >> getting their slowly. 10 days until spring. >> that is a good way to end the show

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